Borrow Pits & Water Storage Sites

Where a borrow pit that has naturally accumulated (from snowmelt, rainfall, or groundwater inflow) is used as a source of water, it is referred to as a water source dugout. When water is going to be withdrawn from a water source dugout and used for an oil and gas activity, a Section 8 approval is required. Where a borrow pit is used to temporarily store fresh water acquired from a different source (existing Section 8 approvals, water licenses, or water source wells), it is referred to as a water storage site. In some cases water storage sites may have significant natural accumulations of water. Section 8 approval is required to withdraw and use this naturally accumulated water, which is beyond the volume the company stored in the pit. Directive 2011-02 was issued on March 2, 2011 and outlines these and other changes in the Commission’s water management process.